Learner driver trainers Bendigo

Learner drivers need more than just a range of skills and 120 hours of supervised driving before hitting the road. (Road Class: Learner driver trainers Bendigo)

Pre-licence preparation should ready young drivers’ mind, their preparedness for responsibility, their resilience and their knowledge. One of the biggest challenges a new driver faces is combining safety functions with their practical skills.

Solid theory on safe driving should be phased in to young driver training, as is the case in many overseas countries.

Road Class provides Learners with cognitive and physical skills that will help keep them from harm in those vital early years on the road.

Higher-level training allows teenagers to quickly develop hazard perception, intuition and anticipation, areas which they would otherwise have to pick up through trial and error.

Learners should have sound knowledge on speed, emergency braking, wet roads, safety gaps, fatigue, distractions, attitude, alcohol and drugs etc.

All Learner drivers trained by Road Class receive a manual detailing all techniques and some vital safety knowledge.

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